External Ampoule Washing / Drying Machine, EW 250 Washing and Drying Machines, Gujarat, India


EW 250 - Automatic External Ampoule Washing / Drying Machine


External Ampoule Washing & Drying Machine
Specifications :
  Model No.   EW-250
  Production Rate   Up to 250 AMP/Min.

  Electrical Supply

  5 HP
  Power Requirement   415 Volt, 3 Phase (4 Wire System), 50 Hz
  Height of Conveyor   Adjustable from 850 to 900 MM
  Dimensions   1700mm(L)X1100mm(W)X1200mm(H)
  Net weight   550 Kgs. (Approx).  

  Gross weight

  750 Kgs. (Approx).

Salient Features of External Ampoule Washing and Drying Machine
Complete CGMP model.
Imported Gear Motor.
A.C. Frequency Drive.
PLC System with touch screen HMI.
Feeding Tank with Pressure Pump.
Blower unit for drying.
No Ampoule “No Air & No Water” System.


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