Four Head Ropp Cap Sealing Machine, NKCS 150R Cap Sealing Machines, Automatic Ropp Cap Sealing Machine, Gujarat, India


NKCS 150R - Automatic Four Head Ropp Cap Sealing Machine
Specifications :

Four Head Ropp Cap Sealing Machine
  Model No.   NKCS-150R
  Direction   Left to Right
  Production Rate   Up to 120 Bottles / minute

  Electrical Supply

  3.0 H.P.
  Power Requirement   415 Volts, 3 Phase (4 wire   system) 50 Hz
  Height of Conveyor   Adjustable from 800 to 850 MM
  No. of Sealing Head   Four Heads
  Dimensions   1830 MM (L) x 961 MM (W) x 2130 MM (H).
  Net weight   650 Kgs. (Approx).  

  Gross weight

  800 Kgs. (Approx).

Salient Features of Four Head Ropp Cap Sealing Machine :
Total cGMP model.
MS Frame Structure duly powered coated and covered with S.S. Sheet.
“No Bottle No Cap” System.
Acrylic Cabinet with imported aluminium structure.
Parts coming in contact with the Bottle / aluminum cap / exposed to the atmosphere are made out of stainless steel, good house keeping and good manufacturing practice.
Single motor synchronizes conveyor, star wheels and platform turret and speed can be varied by the % speed pot on operating panel.
A special clutch device is incorporated on the in feed worm and star wheel system for stoppage of machine in the event, vial is over turned or over diameter.
“No Cap in Chute Machine Stop” System.
Sealing pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and sizes of aluminum cap.
Damage cap quantity can be reduced by adjusting the gap between upper and lower plate of orientation unit.

Notes :

  • Right of technical improvements & modifications reserved
  • All illustrations & dimensions are show for information only

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