Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine, NKPF 300DP Automatic Dry Powder Filling Machines, Rubber Stoppering Machine, Gujarat, India

Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine, Rubber Stoppering Machine

NKPF 300DP - Automatic Injectable Dry Powder Filling With Pick & Place Rubber Stoppering Machine
Specifications :

High Speed Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine
  Model No.   NKPF-300DP
  Direction   Left to Right
  Production Rate   Up to 240 Vials /Min for Single Dose.
  Up to 120 Vials /Min for Double Dose.
  Up to 80 Vials /Min for Triple Dose.
  Up to 60 Vials /Min for Four Dose.
  Fill Capacity   50 Mg to 1.5 Grms. Single Dose (with Change parts).1.5 Grms. to   6 Grms. Double, Triple and Four Dose.  Fill range depending   upon vial opening and bulk density of powder.
  Accuracy   + 1% depending upon consistency and the uniformity of bulk   density of injectable powder under controlled level of Humidity   (i.e. 25%).

  Electrical Supply

  10 H.P.
  Power Requirement   415 volts, 3 Phase (4 wire System) 50 Hz
  Air Requirement   6 Kg/Cm2
  Height of Conveyor   Adjustable from 900 to 950 MM
  Dimensions   4380 MM (L) x 1310 MM (W) x 2430 MM (H)
  Net weight   1250 Kgs. (Approx).  

  Gross weight

  1450 Kgs. (Approx).

Salient Features of High Speed Injectable Dry Powder Filling With Rubber Stoppering Machine :
Total CGMP model.
Contact Parts of S.S. 316L.
M.S Frame structure duly powder coated and covered with S.S. Sheet.
Pick & Place type Rubber Stoppering System instead of standard Roller System.
  Machine Equipped with PLC System and can be run in Auto & Manual Mode.
  Inter lock for in feed and out feed accumulation of vials with Auto Restart.
  Two Options available for Powder Loading
    1.Through New Design Mechanical Primary & Secondary Hopper with canister fitting through butterfly valve
    2.Screw Feeder System
  Sensor for Low Level of Powder in Secondary Hopper
“NO VIAL NO FILL” System eliminates wastage of costly Powder
Pressure Switch for Air / Nitrogen and Vacuum
No Air / Nitrogen /Vacuum Machine Stop
PLC  with Touch Screen HMI Unit
Separate Gear Motor For Powder Hopper
Acrylic Cabinet with Aluminium Structure
3 Level Password setup in PLC
Auto Sampling System (optional)
Auto Rejection System for no rubber stopper on Vial after stoppering (optional)
Machine can handle vial range from 5ml to 100ml  (With the help of Change Parts)
Machine will be suitable for both 20mm & 32mm rubber Stopper (With the Help of Change parts)
All assemblies under top plate are positioned as for easy cleaning or maintenance.
Multiple dosing of injectable powder or changeover of container size and different fill size is possible by just changing the vial separator or size of the piston respectively.
All driving is through High quality imported Gear motor for better machine performance without vibration or leakage of oil in floor area from gear box.
Machine speed can be adjusted through A.C. Frequency Drive, which is time saving & easy to synchronize unscrambler & scrambler speed with machine speed.
Machine is provided with delran conveyor belt to avoid sticking of vial on conveyor.
Special clutch devices are provided on vial separator for safety purpose.
Vibrator bowl for rubber stoppering unit support to run machine with total claimed speed of machine.
Air filter cartridge is of Nylon Make of  0.22 micron with S.S. 316 Housing.
Vacuum filter cartridge of Nylon Make with Housing of PC (Polycarbonate) transparent material.

Notes :

  • Right of technical improvements & modifications reserved
  • All illustrations & dimensions are show for information only

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