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Wine Filling Machine, Liquor Filling Machine, Bottle Filling Machines, Water Filling Machines

NKP Group has a very good set up for manufacturing of Packaging Machinery for Pharmaceuticals & spares in India. NKP group is having 3 own set up for manufacturing and also well supported by more than 100 people dedicatedly working for the group. The NKP group is having all type of machinery (including new brand CNC machine of 'HAAS, USA) which can fulfill any kind of requirement.
"The employee is our real strength", NKP believes in and having a team of satisfied employees having spirit of do or die since long which gives a different touch to the machines.

We have grown with minimum average growth of 50% every year and we are expanding our capacity for manufacturing. We are having good infrastructure with maximum possible in-house facility to achieve our goal timely.

We mean Logistics support is also a very important factor in this competitive world. We support our customers to control the lending cost of each product. We provide un-matched excellent service support to make our customer's life very easy & comfortable.

We deliver the ordered material on committed time by putting our hard & sincere efforts which can help our customers to fulfill their commitments timely.

At any stage, we give very prompt response for any kind of query maximum with-in 48 working hours.

Excellent Technical / Service Support To The Customers

  • Free of charge technical support & training
  • Each machine history file with drawings available for consistency in supply of old model components for life time.
  • 24 hours contractibility
  • Supply of all technical documents / drawings with machine
  • Fast delivery of spares

R & D

Our engineers are working hard to discover new ways to improve our products for quality output with less time consume. By combining the wide-ranging talents of our R&D employees with our leading edge resources, we are dedicated to bringing more quality output value to our industries.

Our product pipeline is diverse and changes over time as new machine progress from discovery to development and ultimately to approval where they become tested. We manage all research programs to make sure that they remain cost effective solution.

Our R&D systems are committed to the highest level in quality, manufacture, sale and support of our products.

  Washing & Cleaning
  Ext. Washing & Drying
  Sticker Labeling

Manufacturer and Exporter Of Wine Filling Machine, Liquor Filling Machine, Bottle Filling Machines, Water Filling Machines

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