Linear Vial Washing Machine, NKLVW 150 / 250 Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machines, Gujarat, India


NKLVW 150 / 250 - Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine
Specifications :

Linear Vial Washing Machine
  Model No.   NKLVW-150   NKLVW-250
  Direction   Left to Right   Left to Right
  Production Rate   Up to 120 Vials/Min.   Up to 240 Vials/Min

  Electrical Supply

  5.0 H.P.   5.0 H.P.
  Power Requirement   415 Volts, 3 Phase (4 wire   system) 50 Hz   415 Volts, 3 Phase (4 wire   system) 50 Hz
  Height of Conveyor   Adjustable from 850 to 900 MM   Adjustable from 850 to 900 MM
  Dimensions    2290 MM (L) x 1175 MM (W)
   x 1575 MM (H)
  2290 MM (L) x 1580 MM (W) x
  1975 MM (H).
  Net weight   800 Kgs. (Approx).  

  1200 Kgs. (Approx)

  Gross weight

  1250 Kgs. (Approx).

  1750 Kgs. (Approx)

Salient Features of Linear Vial Washing Machine :
Total CGMP model.
S.S. Frame Structure.
Special Pocket system ensures easy and trouble free washing of vials from outer and inner side.
Indexing motion makes easier for syringes to move inside Vial, when it is in stationery motion.
No change parts are required from 5ML to 30ML Vial.
Washing cycles can be adjusted as per customer requirement.
User friendly machine, even semi skilled operator can operate the machine vary easily.
A special clutch device is incorporated for Stoppage of Machine in the event; vial is over turned or over diameter.
Low RPM but High output.
Imported Pumps are provided in the machine, which gives a good pressure to wash vials properly.
Machine will be able to handle vial size from 2ml to 100ml (with the help of Change Parts).
Machine Speed can be adjustable with the help of A.C. Frequency Drive.
Two Models available for high Production speed up to 120 vials/Min. & 240 vials/Min.

Notes :

  • Right of technical improvements & modifications reserved
  • All illustrations & dimensions are show for information only

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