Visual Vial Inspection Machine, Automatic Inspection Machines, NKINS 120 / 250 Inspection Machine, Gujarat, India


NKINS 120 / 250 - Automatic Visual Vial Inspection Machine

Specifications :

Visual Vial Inspection Machine
  Model No.   NKINS-120   NKINS-250
  Number of Operator   Two   Four

  Electrical Supply

  1.0 H.P.   1.5 H.P.
  Power Characteristics   230 Volts, Single Phase,50 Hz.   230 Volts, Single Phase,50 Hz.
  Machine Dimension   3065Mm(L)  X 1030mm(W) X   1315mm(H)   4290Mm(L)  X 1230mm(W) X   1300mm(H)
  Net weight   450 Kgs. (Approx).  

  700 Kgs. (Approx)

  Gross weight

  625 Kgs. (Approx).

  1075 Kgs. (Approx)

  Input Specification   5 ml to 30 ml   5 ml to 30 ml
Salient Features of Visual Vial Inspection Machine :
Complete CGMP model.
Suitable for vial size 5ml to 30ml without any change parts.
Easy Detachable Roller System.
Very Easy to Operate, User Friendly machine.
A.C. Frequency Drive Provided for adjusting the speed.


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